Rolled Dexter Brisket

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Produced with love, care and respect.

Full Traceability

Our beef is produced as a by-product of our pedigree breeding programme from animals registered or birth notified by the Dexter Cattle Society, we do not cross them with any other breed. Each pack of our beef carries the Society's Certification Mark assuring you of its authenticity and provenance.

Low Food Miles

Our cattle are born and raised on our smallholding and travel just six miles to our local abattoir in the next village keeping stress to a minimum. The carcase is matured in the traditional way before it is expertly cut and packed to our exacting standards for you to enjoy.

Food Safety

Our 'Elite' herd health status is very important as healthy cattle means less reliance on antibiotics preventing residues from entering the food chain. Our beef is produced to rigorous hygiene standards in recognition, we have been awarded the highest food safety rating by Ceredigion County Council.

Less is More

Our cattle have been raised in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our beef is not mass produced yet provides real value for money. From the beginning of the journey to the very end we never compromise on quality as we believe that is something that keeps our loyal customers returning to us time after time.

Where can I buy?

Since we do not operate a farm shop per se, our beef is usually sold via our mailing system. Twenty one days before the next carcase is due for cutting we contact you and send a current price list. Should you decide to place a request, this gives you the opportunity to specify any cutting/packing preferences in advance - folk who live on their own find this aspect of our service very useful as many retail outlets do not cater for individual portion sizes.

Our beef is normally supplied by the box
Dexter Beef Box

We offer a number of different boxes
shown above Family Plus (10kgs)

with our hand-made Gourmet Dexter Burgers available to order separately.
Gourmet Dexter Burger
If there is a particular cut that you would prefer not to receive then provided you let us know beforehand, it can be substituted for one of equal value. When the beef has been cut and packed we contact you again to confirm your order and to let you know when your beef will be ready.

We appreciate that buying anything for the very first time is something of a 'leap of faith' and whilst individual cuts are sometimes available, we have also put together a sample box containing a mix of representative cuts for you to try in fact, most of our regulars started off in this way. If you would like to join our mailing system simply send us an e-mail and ask to be included. We respect your right to privacy at all times and never pass your contact details on to a third party. Once experienced our beef 'sells itself' so our sales technique is very low key, we contact you to let you know that we have beef available and then we wait to hear from you.
About Us

Like most people, we used to purchase the majority of our meat from the supermarket for convenience and price. I suppose we just accepted that beef was frequently tough or dry or full of water and sometimes a combination of all three. Needless to say when planning that special occasion, beef was very rarely on the menu.

We knew little about where the beef came from other than 'the UK' or how the animal had been cared for, the age, breed and what it had been fed on. We also gave little thought to the animal's last journey and the processes involved to prepare the meat for sale such the distance it had travelled, the method and length of maturity and how all these things had affected the quality of the beef that we bought. All that changed when we moved to our smallholding in Wales and started to produce beef from our herd of Dexter cattle as a by-product of our pedigree breeding programme. We simply could not believe the difference the beef was sublime.

In 2010, we felt the time was right to share our best-kept secret and offer some of our delicious Dexter beef for sale. Of course, we still feel really privileged to be able to enjoy such wonderful beef and when friends arrive for dinner we remain safe in the knowledge that the meal we provide will be a memorable one - for all the right reasons.

Contact Details

  • Name: Jacqui Parkes
  • Address: Llether Wernen, Penuwch, Tregaron, Ceredigion SY25 6RA Wales
  • Landline: 01974 821522
  • Mobile: 07980 642734
  • Email: alvecoteherd @

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